Welcome to CoPolDB
CoPolDB is a database on copolymerization, which is a polymerization process to, from two types of monomers, generate one copolymer in a chain form. Currently this database has two parts: Monomers and Copolymers. Monomers are a list of building blocks of copolymers, being used to generate copolymers. Copolymers is a list of monomer pairs, each being generated via polymerization reaction.

You can connect to each of these two parts by clicking the corresponding term shown in the above bar. Then each part has the same page structure, with four subparts: Overview, Browse, Search, Statistics. The "Overview" shows scientific description on the corresponding part. The "Browse" shows a list of monomers (or copolymers), where note that each copolymer can have multiple copolymerization. Any term of each part can be searched through the "Search". The "Statistics" shows a sort of statistical information on each part.

A unique, important feature of this database is that information on copolymerization reactions are collected from literature, mainly through textbooks or handbooks on polymer sciences. Furthermore, we plan to increase the entries of copolymerization reactions by our own experimental verification.

CoPolDB has been developed and being maintained by two laboratories (Yamago Laboratory and Mamitsuka Laboratory) in Institute for Chemical Research at Kyoto University.

How to Cite CoPolDB
K Takahashi, H Mamitsuka, M Tosaka, N Zhu, S Yamago. CoPolDB: a copolymerization database for radical polymerization. Polym. Chem., 2024.
A preprint is also available on ChemRxiv.